Saturday, December 6, 2008

Our Shepherd

Friday night Daniel was to be a Shepard in our ward Christmas party. They had the nursery dress up as nativity characters while one of the young men read the Christmas story. This was my favorite part of the night.

Daniel and Kaylie practicing to be shepherds.

Daniel watching his flock while visiting the baby Jesus.

Daniel showing off his costume to his dad before we leave for the church.

Here is the video I took of Daniel part in the nativity story. It is from a side angle, but better than nothing at all. He had so much fun, and it was so much fun watching him. Jeff and I were all smiles.

Kaylie has become mobile

This week has definatly been a interesting one. Kaylie has finally made up her mind that she wants to walk. She is trying to walk every where now, as well as carry things while she is walking and pick toys up from the middle of the floor after walking to them. It is so fun to see her walking and then how excited she gets when we tell good job. I can't believe how quickly she is growing up. She has recently turned 14 months old and I can't believe it. Time does sure fly when you are busy; I mean having fun.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Boot-scoot Walking

Tonight, Kaylie has had a first. She has been trying to walk for the past couple of months, but she has had to hold onto someone to walk. Well tonight we finally got her to hold onto this lawn mower and she then spent the next 1/2 hour walking around our house with a big smile on her face. As a family we are so excited, this is her next step to independence.YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hello to everyone. Sorry about not putting up any new posts for a very long time. The past couple months have been really busy and they have flown by. Everyone is doing great. Daniel keeps asking when he gets to go to school, and his imagination is soaring. Jeff is busy with work, but a good busy. Kaylie loves to get into anything and everything she is not supposed to. I know that is I don't hear her that I need to go running to she what she has gotten herself into. She is becoming very vocal. She can say mom, brother, dad, apple, up and red (for the horse at my uncle's farm). I am doing well, and loving life.

Kaylie loves music. One Sunday morning recently Kaylie and disappeared and gotten really quiet, so I took of running to look for her and found her dancing to the music on the tv. It was so cute to watch her. Hopefully any day now she will make up her mind that she wants to walk and then I will have video of her doing that, but unfortunately she is rather stubborn and would rather hold onto things and scoot than walk, even though she can do it very well.

Fall Leaves

The new house that we moved into this summer is surrounded by oaks, maples and a few other kinds of trees. During the summer our house was nice and cool, but now that fall is here, watch out!!!!!!!!!! It is raining LEAVES, and LEAVES and more LEAVES. Here are a few pictures of Daniel and Jeff playing in their work.

Where is Daniel, can anyone find him?

Daniel was able to have his own rake this year, and loved using as a rake and as a bulldozer, see video below.

Here is Daniel and a friend out bulldozing the leaves.

Halloween 2008

Halloween was really fun this year. Daniel got to dress up twice as two different characters, and he got to go trick or treating at a mall and in our neighborhood. For the 31st he wanted to be a lion. He had a blast that night handing candy out to the kids who came to our door. Every time the doorbell would ring he would yell "tick or treaters" at the top of his lungs.

Daniel also got to dress up as a pirate for our ward's fall festival. He went as a good Captain Hook.

Now Miss Kaylie only got to have one costume this year, but she was the cutest pumpkin I have every seen. I have know idea how Daniel ever fit into this costume, because he was several months older and quiet a bit bigger when he got to wear it. She had a good time and is enjoying all of Daniel's tootsie rolls he got.

I can't wait to see what next Halloween's costumes will be.

Kaylies Birthday--October

Now that Kaylie is 13 months old I thought I would put up her birthday pictures. She had a blast eating her chocolate cake. She now has an amazing sweet tooth. We had some friends over to eat cake and ice cream and had a blast.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Daniels 3rd Birthday!!!!!!

Daniels birthday started out interesting. In the morning we went to help out at an estate sale till noon. After that we came back had lunch and then went to the pool. Daniel had a blast he even swam a little all by himself. Then we came back to the house and Grandma Brenda and Grandpa John's present had arrived for him, so we called them and they said he could open it right then. He has had a blast playing pilot. Afterwards we went out for Chicken nuggets and french fries for his birthday dinner.

The next day was his birthday party. It was held at one of the local parks. That morning Jeff and Daniel went to work in our garden till it was time to go and get the Lightning McQueen ice cream cake. While they were doing this I was busy at home making guacamole and fruit salad, and frosting cupcakes. Below is a picture of Samantha, Glen and their mom.
Mason and Kaylie playing together.

Jessica, Gav and Jason, unfortunately we didn't get a picture of Tea; Jessica's daughter she must have been hiding from Jeff who was taking the pictures.

The Cake!!!!!!

There was a storm start to move in and the wind was strong enough that we couldn't keep the candles lit, so Daniel didn't get to blow them out, although Sunday night our power went out and we lit some candles then and sung Happy Birthday to him again and he got to blow the candles out when the power came back on.

While Daniel was opening his presents we where cleaning up because the storm was moving in fast. Daniel only got to open half of his presents before it started to rain. He opened the other half when we got back to the house.

Daniel enjoying some of his toys after the party.

Kaylie enjoying some of Daniels birthday presents herself.

Thank you to all who made Daniels third birthday great. We appreciate all of your thoughtfulness and kindness.

Playing Together

One day we decided to pull the blocks out and Daniel and Kaylie had a fun time playing with each other. Daniel worked on building a castle and Kaylie worked on putting as many blocks into her moth as possible. Daniel was very proud of the castle he built and couldn't wait to nock it over so he could build another one.

Kaylie Trying to Crawl

So a couple weeks ago during family home evening Kaylie surprised us all by trying to crawl. We paused FHE and encourage her to reach for one of Daniel's toys. Below is the picture by picture play of her trying to crawl, and one of the many videos we took of her trying to do it again.

New Things

This month Kaylie has decided to try and learn how to crawl and walk at the same time. She tries to pull her self of onto her feet using anything she can reach. She also loves to play patty cake and loves to stand more than sit now. She seems to be changing ever day or that is what Jeff thinks at least. She also loves any of Daniel's toys. She thinks she should get to play with all of them, and dosen't understand that some are dangerous for her.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kaylie enjoying life!

Kaylie stretching to reach something she has found.

Kaylies loves this face expression. She does it all of the time, and I finally got a good one recorded.

Here is a video that goes along with some the poses up above.

Aunt Meggie eat your hear out!!:> Some girls got them and some girls don't

Our Garden

This week Clifton Park has been blessed with an abundance of water. Each time we thought of heading to Easton to weed the garden it would rain here. Finally Saturday rolled around and it was supposed to be nice and sunny so we head to our garden. When we got there we found out that Easton had not received any of the water Clifton Park was so blessed with. It was baffling, Easton is only 15-20 miles North East of our apartment, so sufficed to say we spent the day weeding and watering our drought inflicted garden.

Working together to pull the weeds.

Trying to get the dirt out of his shoe.
My tools!!!!!!!!! Cheese!!!!!!!!

Daniel's great-grandfather out with us working in his garden.

Enjoying a snack and a break. Weeding is hard work!!!

Are we done yet?????