Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kaylie enjoying life!

Kaylie stretching to reach something she has found.

Kaylies loves this face expression. She does it all of the time, and I finally got a good one recorded.

Here is a video that goes along with some the poses up above.

Aunt Meggie eat your hear out!!:> Some girls got them and some girls don't

Our Garden

This week Clifton Park has been blessed with an abundance of water. Each time we thought of heading to Easton to weed the garden it would rain here. Finally Saturday rolled around and it was supposed to be nice and sunny so we head to our garden. When we got there we found out that Easton had not received any of the water Clifton Park was so blessed with. It was baffling, Easton is only 15-20 miles North East of our apartment, so sufficed to say we spent the day weeding and watering our drought inflicted garden.

Working together to pull the weeds.

Trying to get the dirt out of his shoe.
My tools!!!!!!!!! Cheese!!!!!!!!

Daniel's great-grandfather out with us working in his garden.

Enjoying a snack and a break. Weeding is hard work!!!

Are we done yet?????

Father's Day

Jeff talking to his family on Father's Day. Whishing them the best.

Kaylie enjoying her Father's Day broccolii!!!

The green stuff is good!
Jeff getting several kiss from Daniel as I tried to capture the event while singing "I'm so glad when daddy comes home, glad as I can be.............., put my arms around his neck and hug him tight like this, pat his cheeks and give him WHAT??? A GREAT BIG KISS!!!!!!!!!!Spending time with my favorite Dad.

Some of My Favorite Things

My Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His shoulders are one of my favorite places to be. The other one is my mom's lap. :>

Her love of paper!!!!!!!!!

Kaylie eating her bitter biscuits. She loves to try anything and everthing that can make mess.

Oh ya this is good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

First Swimming of the Year

During the heat wave we had a week or so ago, April came over and we took the kids to the pool. It was Kaylie and Mason's first time swimming. Kaylie loved swimming the most out of all three kids. Daniel keeps asking to go back though, so that is good.

Mason not for sure about it. Mason got a sunscreen mohawk.

Kaylie just lounging around. She really was enjoying herself.

After swimming the kids had fun posing for the camera. Mason and Kaylie are checking each other out. The two little hot tamales.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sorry everyone, I still do not know how to rotate videos so that you can see them right side up. But I just had to post Daniel playing in his band.
Kaylie swinging in UT
Daniel flying his first airplane
Dad and Son flying a kite, they are now hooked on kites
The first day I put all of her hair up into two pigtails.

Cute Pictures

They are growing up so fast!!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Batting Practice

Our impromptu game of baseball lead us to get a real bat and ball that we use outside. It is amazing to watch Daniel and see how well he does. As you can see he even has the intimidating the pitcher look down.

Playing with Brother


This year we are lucky enough to be able to plant a big garden. Jeff is using a rototiller for the first time and Daniel had a blast helping dig up the dirt and watering the recently dug holes for the plants to go in. As you can see Kaylie got bored and fell asleep.


Hello All!! Last night for FHE Daniel played Paul and showed us what we need to put on in order to have the armor of God with us. Then we went outside and Kaylie got her first ride on a rocking horse. I think she had more fun on it than Daniel ever did.