Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Time

This October has been a busy one. Jeff has been gone almost every Saturday it seems. On the Saturday he went to Palmyra the kids and I tagged along with the Newman's to go pumpkin picking. It was such a beautiful day. Of course Kaylie didn't want to be put down till the very end when we got to see pigs, sheep, goats, bunny, geese, ducks, calf, turkey, and some other animals. The wagon ride or the pumpkins did win her over, it was the animals. I guess she is a lot like her mother, poor girl. Here is Daniel enjoying picking out pumpkins for himself, Kaylie and Jeff since he could be there with us.

That Sunday after Kaylies nap we got the paint and the kids and Jeff had a ball painting their pumpkins. This was Kaylies first time painting a pumpkin and she totally enjoyed herself.

This is the next day after they are dried. Kaylie however didn't want her picture taken.


This month we not only got to celebrate Kaylie turning 2, but my birthday also. However we only got pictures of Kaylies special night so I guess that means I never turned 31 and can look forward to that again next year. I wish, actually I did have a good birthday. Daniel kept asking all day if I was going to make my cake and I told him his dad was en charge of that. I had a nice chocolate cake with a raspberry filling. Now on to Kaylie's night. Since she loves babies I wanted to make her a baby doll cake, but I didn't want to spend $30 for a pan or shove a doll in a cake for her this year, so I was raking my brain on how I could make her a baby doll and this is what I came up with. It is patterned after one of her dolls.

She didn't want to blow out her candles. Daniel was excited to help her.

She loves puzzles so we got her some more for her birthday.

Daniel is enjoying her pony more than she was at that time.

And the stroller she loves to put 1-3 of her babies in and take for a ride.
Thank you to all her made this a special day for her. I can't believe how much our baby has grown up. She is now playing with babies herself, and loving to play in my makeup. She also loves to copy her brother, throw fits, color paper and herself, and sing "Old MacDonald." What a girl we have on our hands.


Here is a fun picture of the kids playing together under the dinning room table. The love to hid under there when Jeff gets home and have him look for them.

Apple Sauce

This fall I have been making applesauce. Kaylie and I have gone a couple of times while Daniel has been in pre-school. On one those occasions I decided to take some pictures of Kaylie enjoying the outdoors. If you look closely at this first picture you will see a bee on her shirt while she is starting to eat her apple.

The next picture the bee has gotten a little greedier and has actually moved to Kaylie's mouth. I guess he wanted to enjoy the apple also. She didn't know what to think. Luckily I was able to shoo it away before she got stung. I didn't even know the bee was on her mouth while I was taking the picture.

Here she is enjoying her apple again after the bee left.

Now the kids are helping me make applesauce. Daniel had a lot of fun pushing the apples through the strainer, and Kaylie loved looking on and being part of the action.


Here the kids are having a fun time in their Great Grandpa's corn field. It took Kaylie a little longer to enjoy it than Daniel. We certainly did love the corn from it. Thanks Grandpa.

I love this picture. Kaylie is not quite sure what is on her hand, and the next picture says well why can't you get it off right now!!

Kaylie's babies go every where with us. Good thing we have three.


Daniel has been enjoying pre-school the last couple of months. Here are the pictures I took back in September.