Thursday, May 5, 2011

Friends, Fun, and Mud!!!!!!!!

On one of the few lovely days this past week Lily and Mason came over to play on the swing set and the kids ended up playing in the mud and loving it. This first picture is Kaylie before Daniel got home from school and the Newman's came over. She loves being big enough to go play in the back yard by herself.

Lily throughly enjoying herself!!!! We had to hose her down before she could get in the car to go home.

They are trying to build a dam.

Daniel building his dam and trying to be patient with the younger kids.

The boys working together to bring more water over to their working sit.

Spring Break and Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter and Spring Break. The weather was a little iffy, but we made the best of it. Below is a picture of Kaylie and Peter. She loves holding her little brother. I can get her to smile for the camera every time if she has Peter in her arms. She is so looking forward to him moving into her room with him in the next couple of weeks.

Here are my two boys. It is so amazing to me to think that Daniel used to be the size of Peter. Here he is helping me burp Peter so that I can finish getting dinner made. He loves helping me out.
I love this close of my boys!!!!

During spring break we were able to get the kids a swing set. Our friends kids had outgrown it and they were looking to get rid of it, so we said we would love it. The kids have had a blast playing on it every day it wasn't raining. These are a few pictures of the day we got it and of Jeff finishing putting it together. Thank you Nelson family!!

Yea it is finished!!!!

The Thursday before Easter we had some friends come over and we decorated Easter Eggs. Here is a picture of Daniel and Kaylie's eggs they dyed and decorated. They loved eating the boiled eggs.

On Friday we decided to have an Easter egg hunt for the kids. This was the only really nice day of Spring Break so we took advantage of it, and Jeff was going to be gone all day on Saturday. Here are a few pictures of the kids having a blast finding all of the eggs Jeff and I hid for them.

The kids and their loot!

So Easter morning arrives and we have church at 9am so there is never any time for pictures or any extras and get to church on time, so I planned to take some fun Easter pictures of the three kids together after church. Well, life had other plans. We got home from church, I fed Peter and before I could get to the changing table to change Peter's diaper he had peed through his Easter outfit. So this is a picture later of the kids in pj's and other clothes. Easter outfit pictures another day.

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