Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baptism Weekend

So as many of you know my cousin got baptised this past weekend. My sister flew in from UT for it, and several of my cousins that live in Greenwich came. However the night before the baptism my sister and I were up very late finishing cakes and getting things ready to leave early Saturday morning to head to Greenwich. Well at about 11:30 at night I start to hem Jason's pants for the baptism. Now he is 6'4". For many reasons, most of them on the silly side I had my sister try his pants on and in the end after many laughs we decided she could do her own weight loss commercial.

Here is one right before the baptism of Jason, Jeff and the Missionaries.

Now, I love this one because it looks like Jason has a halo around his head. Remember he is 6'4".

I am so happy for you Jason.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Having Fun

Here is a picture of the kids playing horsey-ride, as well as the dancing video below. They were having a fun time that night and did not want to go to bed. Can you tell?

One night I caught the kids dancing together before bed. I love the tune Daniel is singing while dancing. Sorry for it being sideways. This was the better of the two videos.

Spring Is Here??????

We have had some gorgeous weather the past couple of days. The kids have enjoyed some picnics at the park and are loving being able to be outside in the sun shine. Lets hope it sticks around.

This morning we were coming home from VT and saw some bikes for sale. We knew Daniel was going to need a new bike this year and we found the one below at a great price. He was so excited to use his own money to buy himself the bike. He is also excited to learn how to ride without training wheels soon. My baby is growing up so fast. Tonight I register him for kindergarten. WOW, how time has flown!
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"No Mommy I Can Do It"

Kaylie insists on dressing herself most days. One morning I was able to get the camera and get pictures of her putting on her socks. I love the concentration, and then when she realized what I was doing she turned her back on me. You got to love 2 year olds.

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Fun in February

At the end of February we got over a foot of snow in one day. Here are a couple of pictures of the kids playing in it while Jeff and I shovel out one of our neighbors drive way for him.

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First for Daniel

During winter break I took Daniel to the pond by our house and took him ice skating for the first time. He did so well and had a blast. He had such great balance, I was impressed.
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