Friday, November 2, 2012

June 2012

Most of Daniel's games I chased after Peter and didn't get to see a lot of playing time. However one Saturday there was a huge dirt pile and Peter and Kaylie played in the whole time and I actually got to watch the entire game. You can imagine how dirty Peter by the end.

Where's Daniel??? This is Field Day at his school. The kids get to participate in a lot of fun out door activities. This picture is right before everyone got into groups for a relay dash.

Here they are playing some sort of parachute game.

Daniel playing spin the bat.

Daniel's last game of the season.

Run, run, run!!!

Daniel and his head coach, Coach Matt and his trophy for the year.  Way to go Washington National's!!!!

Daniel and Jeff.

May 2012

Peter is getting used to the feel of hard sole shoes. Up to this point I have had him in soft moccasin shoes. It was pretty funny to watch him stomp around in them.  

Here is a video of him testing out his new shoes.

My thirsty boy figuring out how to unscrew  the lid. 

Peter feeding himself. Just a little messy. 

All three kids have enjoyed this rocking horse. Peter is enjoyed the warm spring day and taking a ride. 

Over a week after that video was taken and his first tooth if finally out. 

Better picture of the missing tooth. 

My pirates. 

Peter throwing his ball. Too funny. 

My dare devil child. He is going to make me completely grey before I am 40 at this rate. He is just barely 18 months old and has amazing balance. 

After Kaylie's first dance recital. Ins't she adorable. She was so excited to get to wear a little bit of mom's makeup. She was also so surprised to get flowers after her performance. I do have video of it that I hope to add soon. But I have to have a special cord for our video camera that I didn't know about. 

Her she is with one of her best friends. 

Peter playing in the sprinklers Memorial Day weekend. 

Kaylie and Peter loving the warm weather and the chance to play in the water outside together. 

April 2012

Family Bike ride April 6th

Easter Saturday. Peter's first Easter egg hunt. 

Kaylie looking for her eggs.

Daniel with some eggs. 

After the hunt was done. 

Easter Sunday. My handsome boys in their matching outfits from their Grandma and Grandpa. 

A little bit of a rough morning. Peter fell the day before and has road rash all over his nose and Kaylie had just stopped crying. 

He is getting so grown up. 

Peter's close up. 

Daniel's team running out onto the field for the first time  together.

A picture of Daniels team opening night. 

Daniel's first practice. 

Daniel and Jeff working together. Jeff was one the assistant coaches. 

On first base. 

Daniel's teeth like to stay in his mouth till there is nothing left to hold them in. He is also a late teeth looser, so he was really excited that he was finally loosing his first tooth. Although it didn't fall out for a few more days after this video was taken.