Friday, September 17, 2010

Life for the Yeager's

So it has been three months sense I have posted. Been a little busy and having a lot of fun. We have had a wonderful summer. We took a road trip to Ut. and along the way stopped in Ohio, S. Dakota, Wyoming, Missouri, Wisconsin and W. Virginia. Maybe someday I will post all the pictures but for now I will start with the most recent happenings in our family.

Daniel started kindergarten this past Monday. He has had a great week. On Monday morning I was able to get some great pictures of him and some good ones of Kaylie because she started pre-school Tuesday morning. Jeff is busy with a new school year, church and home. I was recently put into the YW's as the 2nd counselor, and I'm starting to get back on my feet after a few months of throwing up and being utterly exhausted. Yes, this means that our family is expecting baby #3, due the middle of March. We will be finding out in about a month what we are having. Daniel is routing for a boy.

So life is busy, but great. Hope you enjoy the pictures!!!