Sunday, April 17, 2011

Five weeks old

Here are a few pictures I took of Peter on Saturday. He is five weeks old, and weighs about 9lbs. and his close to 21" long. He has definitely grown since he was born, and becoming more alert and starting to coo to you.

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The Month of April So Far

Between the Saturday Conference sessions it was nice enough to take the kids to the park to play. Here are a few photos of that hour.
Jeff giving Kaylie an under doggie.

Do the same to Daniel. Notice in one of the pictures Jeff's tongue sticking out. Whenever Jeff does anything active especially sports related it comes out. In a picture below you will see Daniel doing the same thing with his tongue.

Look at Daniel's tongue!!!

One night after FHE. Peter loves to be on his tummy.

A couple of pictures during Peter's first real bath.

So the other morning I was making breakfast when I looked out my kitchen window and saw a turkey. Before I new it close to a dozen turkey's were walking through out backyard heading for our drive way. The kids thought it was so neat to see a flock of turkey in our yard.

Here they are in the front yard at the end of the drive way in a single file line. Daniel wanted to get the car out and follow them. It is funny because we have now seen turkey's, a fox, a possum, and a weasel in our yard.

We got to celebrate Jeff's birthday last Monday night. I decided to put 42 candles on his cake and light them. I don't think I will be doing that next year. Half of them were almost gone by the time they were all lit.

And being Jeff, he wanted to keep the cake germ free so instead blowing out the candles he waved a folder and made a funny face, and I was actually able to catch it in just one shot. Happy Birthday honey!
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Grandma Brenda's Visit

Grandma Brenda was able to come out just a few days after Peter was born to help for about a week. It was so great to have you. Thanks for all you did. The kids keep asking when you are coming out again. Here are some pictures from your visit.

Grandma and Peter together.

Daniel and Kaylie and their silly faces.

A pretty picture of Kaylie.

Peter going for his first walk.

Kaylie ready to go on that same walk.

A good picture of Daniel.
A good picture of Peter awake at a week old.

Grandma and her grandkids.

Grandma and her grandsons. Some how the picture of Grandma and her granddaughter got erased.

Celebrating Grandmas birthday with homemade cupcakes after going out to Red Lobster for dinner.

First family photo. It only took a little over a week after Peter was born to get it taken.Posted by Picasa