Thursday, January 7, 2010

December 2009

So this year December brought some unique experiences to our family, and some of them I would rather not experience again; so I will start at the end of December and move backwards.
New Years Eve was a quiet night at home playing games with Jeff after the kids went to bed, and eating shrimp and watching a movie with the kids before bedtime. What a great way to roll in 2010.

Below starts Christmas morning. We started off with a great breakfast and then reading the Christmas story from the Scriptures. After wards we had fun opening Christmas presents. Here are some of the toys the kids got from family. They had so much fun opening presents. Kaylie had a blast opening her own presents by herself. She loves playing with her baby dolls and so her Grandma Brenda got her, her first doll house. Kaylie has fun putting the baby in the bath tub. Daniel also had a great Christmas, and loves to chase and eat things with his dragon and dinosaur. We also had a great time going over to the Newman's later that day and eating a fantastic dinner and playing together.

Below starts Christmas Eve. That morning we had planned as a family to go up to Glenns Falls and walk in a "Support Our Troops" parade with my cousin who is in the National Guard. However that morning Daniel work up with a cough and swore throat, so Kaylie and I went and braved the 19* weather and walked 3 miles in the parade. We had a blast.

The kids in their new pjs. They were so excited to be able to open one present on Christmas Eve.

Also that night we decorated a star Christmas tree that their Grandma Nanette sent for them. Kaylies job was to put the mints on the stars as spacers and Daniels was to put the stars on after I had frosted the mints down. Jeff took pictures. The the kids had a blast sprinkling choc. coated sunflower seeds on their tree.

The kids in their new winter outfits, and some great pictures of them.

The kids having a blast decorating Christmas Cookies. Kaylie's favorite part was eating the candy. Daniel was such a great helper this year. The next day we decorated the rest of the cookies while Kaylie was taking a nap, and he help me get them all finished.

So you might be wondering why I would post this picture. This picture marked a big day in our lives this past month. Kaylie got sick on the 4th and we weren't to worried until she was still throwing up several days later and then on the 9th woke up refusing to drink and still throwing up. So we called her doctors again, and went in to see them. After seeing her doctor we headed for Albany Med., where after spending the afternoon in the ER Kaylie and I got emitted in the the Ped's unit. Kaylie did so well being prick and poked so many times. We were all very worried. After three days there she was finally able to keep food and liquids down, and we were both ready to come home. So Friday night when the doctor gave the okay to go home Kaylie was handing everything and anything to me so we could leave. She also had to walk out of the hospital on her own two feet. After all the tests the doctors ran they could never figure out exactly what has caused this. The name they gave Kaylie's virus when we lift as "virus gastroiditas" or in human language a stomach bug. So this picture is of Kaylie and Daniel the day after we got home, and we were so grateful to be home for many many reasons. Thank to all our friends and family for your love, prayers, and support. They were and are still greatly appreciated.

We hope 2010 can bring us a healthy family.