Saturday, February 21, 2009


On Wednesday and Thursday we took a family trip to Boston. Jeff and I took turns doing temple sessions and then Thursday we took the kids to the Boston Aquarium before we headed home. We had a blast. Daniel loved learning about baby turtles during the special meet an animal time for kids, and Kaylie loved being able to run around.
They also had to tidal pool where kids could touch star fish, sea urchins, hermit crabs and a horse shoe crab. Kaylie stuck her hand right in the water and grabbed a hold of a little sea star. Daniel on the other hand was hesitant to put his hands in the water, but eventually did.

Here I am showing Daniel the hermit crabs. Kaylie even held a baby one in her hand. It was so much fun.

Here are Daddy and daughter in front of the Giant tank. Kaylie loved standing in front of it and watching the sea turtle, sharks and other larger fish swim right in front of her.

Kaylie is posing in a giant clam shell.

Our little mermaid!!!!!

On our way out of the aquarium, after being there for 5 hours.
It was an amazing trip, all but the $30 bucks we had to pay for parking, and that is after a $5 validation stamp. We recommend the aquarium to anyone, but do not park right next to it. There are defiantly cheaper places to park, you just have to walk. We were so upset when we realised how much it was going to cost, it was to late by then we were done and ready to go home.

Cutting Hair Day

This past week Jeff had off of work for Winter break. On Monday I cut both his and Daniel's hair. Jeff had fun with the camera and so we have some cute pictures of the kids during that time.

Of course Kaylie was in on the action with her lollipop. She was so happy to sit in her high chair while her Dad and then Daniel got their hair cut. Yea for sugar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The finished product, with all smiles. SO handsome.

New Additions to Our Family

We have recently added two to our family. They are a brother and sister that we adopted from a rescue shelter. The little girls' name is Samie (on left) and her brother's is Jack(on right). The kids are loving them, and they are starting to love the kids, even when Kaylie does her kitty squeech and goes running after them. It took Jack a little more time to warm up to the kids, so all of the pictures that I have for right now of Samie, although Jack has become quit loving the past couple of days.

Here is Samie sleeping with Daniel

Kaylie taking her turn petting Samie.

Daniel playing with Samie.

Kayie's Favorite Riding Toy

Kaylie has found that she can get on and off this toy all by herself and is enjoying the freedom of that. I find her throughout the day going into the family room and then hearing the music while she bounces on it. It is so fun to watch her enjoy herself so much.

New Pictures of Kaylie

Here are some new pictures of Kaylie. Here is one taken in December after she got a baby doll for Christmas. She loves to carry it around and give it hugs, and rock it to rock-a-bye-baby.

Here she is trying to help me vacuum.

She loves walking around without her socks on, but when she can walk around in nothing but her diaper she is in seventh heaven, as you can tell from the next three pictures. She also looks a lot like her mother at this age.

New Pictures of Daniel

Daniel is enjoying being clothes free and using his imagination. I can't remember what he was supposes to be, but I thought the picture was really cute.

Daniel is doing an art project. He is making hand-print flower gardens for his grandparents.

Fun Together

Here are a few pictures showing how Daniel and Kaylie are starting to play with each other. She loves to push him around , but as of right now doesn't like to ride. That might change soon.


During the month of January we had the fun opportunity to go sledding in our front yard. We made a little runway and our neighbor's came over and we had a blast. Jeff kept making the track bigger and bigger. It was also Kaylie's first time to go sledding. She didn't know quite what to make of it.