Thursday, July 28, 2011

4th of July 20011

So this 4th of July was really special because we had Grandma Nanette and Grandpa Terry with us. The day was packed full of fun and excitement and a lot of pictures. Because we did have so many pictures I made up three collages from most of the days events.

This is a few pictures from our annual 4th of July Church Breakfast. This year we did something a little different after breakfast. This year all the kids got to bring their bikes and decorate them for a parade. Daniel also was able to get his face painted by one of the brotheren in the ward. The kids had so much fun. Kaylie was one of the last kids to give up riding in circles for our parade route.

After the church breakfast Jeff dropped the kids and I off to save seats for the parade and went and picked up Grandma and Grandpa to join us. Each year Clifton Park holds a 4th of July Parade and it seems that anyone who owns a Corvette drives in it as well as at least 3 Fire Departments, as well as Shen's Color Guard, a few horses, are Towns Veteran's and many other people. The kids love it because they can get free candy!

After the parade the kids came home and played in the sprinklers for awhile and then Jeff came up with a great idea to find a fire pit and roast hot dogs and marshmellows together. We all had a blast. Peter got to ride his first horse and everyone got worn out. Eventually we came home and then Jeff, the kids and Grandpa went to watch fireworks while Grandma, Peter and I hung out at home and watched them on tv and fell asleep. All in all it was one of those few perfect days you get and remember for ever!!!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Animal Land

The day after Grandma Nanette arrived in NY for her visit we took the kids to the Animal Land Park in Gloversville, NY for the first time. We had so much fun!!! It was also freezing!! Grandma ended up buying Kaylie and Daniel both sweatshirts to wear while we were there, and this was the last week of June. So here are a few pictures from that outing.

Daniel and Kaylie feeding the goats when we first got there.

Me feeding a giraffe. I loved it!! Kaylie wasn't so sure about sticking her hand up there to feed it.

Kaylie and I enjoying the giraffe.

Daniel and Kaylie sitting on a tortoise statue. Kaylie is wearing Grandma's long sleeve shirt she brought to protect her from the sun to try and get her warmed up and before Grandma went and bought sweatshirts.

One of the camels that followed us on our safari ride. They certainly were very demanding when it came to their food. One of the camels was named Liver Lips and she had the biggest, purpliest lips I have ever seen. Also during this ride we got to see two ostrich nests with eggs in them. That was really cool.

Kaylie standing 3 feet tall.

Daniel at almost 4 feet.

Peter and Jeff measuring up. Peter is growing up so fast!!!!

Kaylie driving a buggy.

Kaylie riding a buffalo.

Daniel riding another buffalo.

Daniel feeding one of the many deer that came to see us for food.

Kaylie feeding the deer.

Sitting on an elephant statue before we left for one last picture.

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These two videos are of the kids feeding the black bears. All over the park they had set ups likes these for the visitors to be able to feed all and any of the animals. We thought this was such an amazing idea. It made it possible to feed bears, zebras, deer, monkeys, and many other animals.

There were two bears in this exhibited but one of the bears was hogging all of the fruit loops, and the other one was pacing up and down wanting its turn.


Last year Daniel received a butterfly home for his birthday last year and this Spring we got our first set of pupa to hatch into butterflies. Here are some pictures of the different stages and the fun day of letting them go on Memorial Day. Thanks Paulette, we can't wait to get some more for next year.

The caterpillars eat their food and hanging out while they grow.

The first butterfly that hatched out of its cocoon. Four out of five become butterflies.

Right before we let them go. The kids were so excited!!!!

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