Thursday, January 13, 2011

Surprise Weekend Home Improvement Project

So who would of thought a leaky faucet would equal two new sinks, faucets and vanity top. So our hall bathroom had some leaky sinks, and Jeff was able to fix them once before, but they were old and started to leak again. So Friday night Jeff decided to try and fix them one more time. This time he took the faucet out and took it to Home Depot for some help. They told him that they don't make those size and type of faucets anymore, and that he had two options. First, was to try and fix the internal parts, or 2nd was a new sink and faucet because a new faucet wouldn't fit into the old sink. So Jeff decided to try and fix the internal parts first. He brought the new parts home put them in the old faucets and nothing!! The old faucets decided to totally give out, so it was new sink and faucet time. Well, Jeff got everything unhooked underneath and went to pull out the first old sink and all the little tiles decided to come up with the sink. Lets just say it was a very frustrating Friday night. So he spent the rest of Friday night pulling tiles up and getting the bathroom ready for a long Saturday project. Early Saturday morning Jeff headed back to Home Depot for some help on putting in a new vanity top and sinks. He was saddled with a picture of the bathroom vanity after the sinks were out and the measurements of the sink, and hoping for a realistically reasonable solution. Thank goodness Heavenly Father was watching out for Jeff and we got one. Below are some pictures of the day and how it progressed. Daniel was so excited to be Jeff's helper. I am so proud of Jeff, he has never done something like this, and he did a great job. Thanks Danny for the use of your jig saw, could not have done this with out it.

Friday night after the sinks were out and the tile was off the top.

Daniel helping Jeff take off the edging tile.

Daniel holding the counter down after the holes for the sinks were cut out.

Jeff drilling the screws in to hold the counter down.

Daniel holding a flash light for Jeff so he could see better to start hooking everything back up.

The men of the day and their finished project.

Here is a picture of the new sinks and vanity top all done.

A close up of one of the sinks.

Aunt Megan's Visit

This past week my sister came to visit and help us out, due to the fact I am now on bed rest to try and help my water not break and not go into pre-term labor with this little boy. Unfortunately, the pictures and videos of Daniel and Megan ice skating, Megan dusting using the kids and dancing ended up on her camera and we forgot to download them to our computer, but here is what I have from her visit. This is one afternoon Daniel and Megan went out to play in the snow. Thanks for all of your help Megan!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Break

We had a wonderful Christmas break this year. Jeff had 2 days off ahead of Daniel and was able to help out in Daniel's class one of those days. Daniel was so excited to have his Dad come in. Then he was able to help me out at home to finish up Christmas preparations. It was so nice having him home those two days. On Christmas Ever we had a nice quiet evening at home. We read the Christmas story and the kids got to open one present each. On Christmas Day the kids had blast opening their presents.Thank to all our family who made it such a great Christmas. Below are some pictures Jeff, and the kids enjoying some of their presents. Christmas evening we went over to our friends the Newman's home and had a great dinner and fun playing a couple of games. A couple of days later Jeff and Daniel took their new ice skates to the pond by our house to go ice skating for the first time this season. It was the second time Daniel had been on skate. He did such a good job. I will try and post a video of him skating later.

Daniel getting his balance before taking off.
He and Jeff practicing going back and forth.

Daniel playing with a castle set he got for Christmas.

Kaylie carrying her new baby, and wearing some new dress up clothes.

Working together to get the kitchen center Jeff and I got the kids for Christmas unwrapped.

I love this picture because you can see Kaylie unwrapping the picture in a pair of her dress up high heels that she wears every where around the house.

Feeding her new baby.

Jeff with his new GPS! Now, hopefully he won't get lost on nights while trying to fulfill his calling duties.